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Rongda is all about green packaging material.  By converting scrap cardboard boxes into a stretchy, workable packaging material, the need for bubble wrap, foam peanuts and other similar unfriendly items is eliminated.  At the same time, an extra use is gained from reusing cardboard that is otherwise costly and annoying to dispose of.

We’re really passionate about finding ways we can make better use of what we’ve got, add to the bottom line, and do our bit for the environment along the way.

Whether you’ve got too many boxes to deal with in your business, or you’re looking for inexpensive eco-friendly packaging – or both – then please look at our site and see how we can help. Check out our 40-second demo to see how simple yet effective our solution is!

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Saving money on packaging whilst helping the environment.
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Go green with the Rongda Cardboard Recycler & Packaging Solution!

Using a Rongda Cardboard Recyclers is an innovative yet simple way of reducing both your waste and packaging costs,
whilst doing the right thing by your customers and the environment.

Why choose us?

  • Reduce your cardboard wastage
  • Reduce your packaging costs
  • Build better relationships with your customers
  • Do the right thing by the environment
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Say goodbye to bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, foam-base protective fill and other annoying packaging materials!

What packaging materials are you using at the moment? Read more about why these are are a problem for you, your customers and the environment.
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Bubble Wrap

From the jiffy bag used to post a DVD you bought online, to transporting a fridge, bubble wrap is used everywhere. Its protective properties have been harnessed for decades, but it is certainly no friend of the environment.

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Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts – or foam peanuts – have been a mainstay of protective void fill for some time. Yes, they are light, have cushioning properties and can fill around a delicate or fragile item that needs to be shipped. But it’s not the whole story…

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Void Fill

There are heaps of different varieties out there. You pay good money to install the equipment to use these things, and sure – they provide protection and fill for your packages. But what happens to these puffy things after their one-and-only use?

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So called “eco” packaging

“Green packaging”, “eco packaging”, “sustainable packaging”: many companies are attempting to do the right thing by using such products. Sure, these alternatives are better than not, but think about it for a moment.

What do our clients think?

Join the many happy clients of RONGDA and see why they love us so much!

“Now we never have to buy void fill packaging material again so there is a long term cost saving for us with no more inconvenience of having unexpectedly run out of void fill.”  — Ozcal Warehouse

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